Here are some ways that we can work together:

Branding & website design

I will not only be your designer, I will be your Branding & Marketing mentor, directing you in the right path to have a website that represents your best version online and gets your best clients.

A beautiful and professional website gives the credibility that you need, but it has to be found in the sea of so many other websites on the Internet. 

Once your website is found by your ideal client (we'll make that happen!), they'll be so in love with your brand that they'll want to keep in touch. And we'll make it easy for you to get your ideal client's details, so you can better connect with them via email and sell to them without much effort.

For all of that to happen, we will work on your brand and website design as well as on some digital marketing strategies, such as: SEO optimisation, email marketing and lead magnets to quickly grow your email list, call-to-action in strategic places on your website, copywriting etc.

At the end of our work together, you will not only have a pretty website the way you have always dreamed about, but you'll also have a machine working 24/7 for you to reach all your professional goals.

Blogging & Social Media Coaching

A blog is your best option to really connect with your tribe on the Internet.

With a blog you can showcase not only your knowledge but also your personality and style. And this will be irresistible to your potential clients that relate to the way you are and therefore will be your best clients.

Moreover, a done right blog will be your most important tool in ranking well on Google and other search engines.

The social media, on the other hand, will be a great tool on attracting new clients.

However, most of the people don't use the social media to its full potential and miss a gold opportunity to turn followers into real and satisfied clients.

The social media is only the middle of the process, not the end. And if used correctly, you won't need millions of followers to have a good ROI, the famous (and necessary!) return on investment.





Website & Blog Review + Report

If you already have a website and/or blog but it's not getting the results you'd like and that you know you have the potential to get, this option is for you.

In less than a week, you can have in your hands the roadmap to completely transform your online presence and to achieve all those goals you so well deserve.

It's unbelievable what some small changes can make for your website and blog.

I'll analyse each page, design and content of your website and will send you a list with all the changes (big and small) that you can make on your website and blog to have results straight away. 

I'll also send you a list with tips and strategies that you can apply on the short, medium and long term so you can keep improving your online presence with the time.

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  • Branding questionnaire that will give you clarity in regards to your brand and will help you in creating content for your website
  • Video tutorial on how to create your own Pinterest inspiration board
  • Color palette - 3 options (with hex codes) based on your inspiration board images for you to choose from
  • Typography - 3 options of font pairings based on your Pinterest inspiration board
  • Simple logo in PNG (1 official logo + 1 variation - you'll have 3 options to choose from)
  • Personalised banners and graphics for your website and/or social media (max of 10 included in this package - more on additional price)
  • Branded free stock images (if you don't have your own)
  • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter banners (if necessary - 1 of each, max 3)
  • Style Guide (a document with all the information of your website and branding for future reference and creation)

Website Design:

  • Creation of a website from scratch on the Squarespace platform with max of 10 pages (more pages for additional price)
  • Selection of the best Squarespace templates (according to the features you want and need) for your choice
  • Website linked to your social media
  • Website integrated to your email marketing provider (this is only available on Squarespace's business plan)
  • Website ready and launched in only 4 weeks (as long as all the necessary content has been provided)
  • Live class to teach you how to update your website whenever you want (the class will be recorded so you can have it for future reference)

Investment: $1800

*The Squarespace platform service is not included in the price as well as the domain, however, you can get a domain for free if you pay Squarespace annually. Click here to check the Squarespace pricing.

Other services:

Get in touch for quotes on additional website pages or commerce pages. I also offer packages for Bilingual Websites and for copywriting or editing. If you want more information on any of these services, please click below to book a time so we can talk!

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Blog Coaching:

Some of the topics that can be discussed on the sessions (according to the needs of each client):

  • Topics and subjects definition
  • Editorial Calendar creation
  • Brain Dump and Brainstorm exercises for ideas generation
  • SEO strategies to better rank on Google
  • Tips on how to write for web
  • Content Promotion and Marketing
  • Personalised action plan

Social Media Coaching:

Some of the topics that can be discussed on the sessions (according to the needs of each client):

  • Best social media platforms according to brand, objectives and ideal audience
  • Different strategies for each type of chosen social media
  • Content planning and scheduling
  • Tools, softwares and apps to better create and manage content for your social media platforms
  • Personalised action plan for each of your chosen platforms

Session duration: 1 hour each

Investment: $397 (4 sessions) or $150 per single session

If you have any questions about this or any other service, please click below to book an appointment so we can talk!
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Website & Blog Review + Report

  • Review of your website/blog according to your goals
  • Suggestions on all the improvements you can make on your website design, content and functionality
  • Detailed description of next steps to improve your online presence in a short, medium and long term
  • PDF report with review result and improving suggestions sent via email in up to seven days

Investment: $97